Letters from Sorgalle…

You are doing about your normal daily activities when a strange human man dressed in blue with his face covered walks up to you, nods in silence, hands you a sealed letter, and leaves. He wore a bronze broach you have never seen before. The letter reads:

Congratulations. I have had my eye on you for quite some time now, and believe you have the skills I need to help me. I would like to formally invite you to embark on a great and noble set of quests and adventurers in my name. You will receive riches beyond all measure, glory and honour of Kings and Princes, the pride of a great battle, gain favour in your Diety’s eyes, and so much more. Be forewarned, however, that this invitation means great danger, and that there are many forces working against you to sabotage the works you will be doing. Accept this quest, and, should you survive, you will gain the Kings gratitude and a sign on bonus of an item of great wonder and power.

Take this letter with you and take the next boat out to Port Taryn on Illa Island and wait at the Bull and Whistle Inn at our expense—just show them the stamp of this letter, and you will be contacted within days of your arrival.

Do not lose this letter. This is highly confidential, and any information you gather, unless already known among others, should be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Your contact will be wearing a bronze broach with my seal on it—the same seal that is on this letter. Treat him with the utmost respect, for he will be my eyes and ears, for now.

Safe Travels, ~Sorgalle

Letters from Sorgalle