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Welcome to my Wiki.

The campaign has just started now, and so far, it looks like a hit. There are three players plus myself, the DM, but from the sounds of it, there may be one more person joining the team. Which I like. 3 players is just too small, I think.

Currently in the group, all party members have advanced in level, and are all now level 2. Slowly, we are starting to learn the quirks and mannerisms each character is using, as well as certain customs each character has. For example: Don’t, by any means, touch Jubei’s swords… He will kill you.

Other things we notice is that Moire is very suspicious and thinks everything that’s happening to her must be her brother behind it.

Please read on in the Adventure log to know more!

We play our campaign every Saturday night from about 18:30-22:30hrs PST. Sometimes we start at 19:00hrs, sometimes we go until 23:00hrs. It all depends on how quickly we get things done.

Until next time, happy adventuring! ~Hillary, DM

Main Page

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